Co-location, Dedicated hosting

At West Digital Management we are able to provide high levels of security and redundancy, for any equipment you wish to have hosted at our physical location. With fiber optic connection, we are able to ensure exceptionel bandwidth and connection stability. Furthermore we are able to provide dedicated hosting upon request.

Disaster recovery services

West Digital Management are able to administer your disaster recovery plan. May this range from backup of data to cold servers, we are able to become an integrated part of your disaster recovery plan to ensure continuity of critical IT systems.

With highly experienced personal, we are able to assist formulating disaster recovery strategies.

Game Server

In case the game you are looking for is not mentioned anywhere on this site, please dont hesitate to contact us.
We are able to accommodate your specific needs for performance and availability on any game.

Managed Services

On the occasion that you are looking for managed dedicated servers, we at West Digital Management can provide, with a multitude of different services, servers managed by certified technicians.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Private cloud

West Digital Management are also the proud provider of private cloud solutions for your business. May this be automated file backups, or dedicated sharing service.

VPS Hosting

If you are looking for services ranging from web hosting to backup of personal information, we are able to provide VPS hosting, configured to your specific needs and requirements.