Welcome to West Digital Management

In order to focus on the day-to-day business, small and medium size organizations often faces big challenges when it comes to handling their IT-Environment. At West Digital Management, we provide you with the tools you need, in order to reach a more care-free day-to-day business environment.

Whilst you take care of business, we manage your IT-systems”


West Digital Management offers and promise each and every client, to help them find IT-solutions and services based on their current and future needs.
We guarantee to provide the same level of quality, in terms of performance and redundancy, that you normally only find within large corporate solutions. 


Feel free to contact us with your specific needs, and we can tailor the correct solution for you.


Services provided by West Digital Management

Dedicated hosting

Individual Server-100

VPS Hosting

Virtual Machine 2-100

Cloud hosting


High security


Certified technicians

New Contact-100

Fiber optic connection


Game hosting


System monitoring

System Information-100